BMR Calculator

By Alan Frost, updated January, 2014

On this page, you can find your basal metabolic rate (BMR) calculator. BMR refers to the amount of energy you use every day while completely at rest.

To learn more about BMR and how the calculation works, you can read our article on Daily Calorie Intake.

If you want to know your total calorie expenditure (i.e. BMR + calories from being active), you can also use our Daily Calorie Calculator.

The formula we use for this calculator is the Katch-McArdle Formula, which relies on your lean body weight. This is basically your hypothetical body weight if you had 0% fat. So, for this you need to know your body fat percentage. There are many ways to calculate this, with varying degree of effecitivness and cost. A very easy and effective way is to buy a set of body fat calipers for a few bucks. You can read more in the article titled Body Fat Calculator, where you can also do a visual comparison against the images of men and women at various body fat percentages.

BMR Calculator

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