1 Rep Max Calculator

By Alan Frost, updated January, 2014

one rep maxWith this one rep max calculator, you can estimate your 1 rep max without actually having to test it. This is of particular advantage if you do not want to expose yourself to the risk of injury and/or do not have a good spotter to assist you at the gym.

Simply input the number of reps that you performed with a certain weight, and the calculator will estimate your max. Please keep in mind that:

  1. The lower the reps you completed (i.e. the closer they are to that 1 single rep), the more accurate the formula.
  2. The closer your set was to actual failure, the more accurate the results (i.e. if you did a set of 5 with 100lbs but stopped when could still do 2 reps, the results will not accurately reflect your potential).
  3. This formula will give you a fairly accurate estimate, but there will be differences between people, in particular between experienced weight lifters and beginners (whose central nervous system has not adapted to lifting).

Our one rep max calculator uses the Epley formula.

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