Victoria's Secret Models Workout

By Patrick Drew, updated December, 2013

victorias secretYES… they look good! In fact they look stunning as they stride lithely down the catwalk, lean muscles rippling like some feline goddess wearing the latest and newest in sexy, sensuous lingerie. But how do they get to have those bodies? Why is it that I can't seem to get rid of the excess kilos around my waist or off my butt… but they can look like that.

The secret lies not in plastic surgery or liposuction… or at least not all of it… but rather in the crazy workout routines that these girls dedicate themselves to doing. The gym is my temple is a mantra often heard in the modeling circles, and we can see the results. Based on the work of the Victoria's Secret models fitness instructors including Andrea Orbec, we bring you this workout routine that will, eventually, have you lithe and supple like the Victoria's Secret Angels.

The gym is my temple…

The Victoria's Secret Angels 10 minute workout…

Rollerblade legs — 1 min. With your feet together underneath you, crouch down into a boxing kind of position, with your hands up in front of you ready to box. Don't worry… no boxing to ensue… but stay down in this position to ensure a good workout for the thighs and calves, as well as some glutes. Stay low and shoot one leg out to the side, as far as you can get it and tap your toe on the floor. Then bring it quickly back into your centre, under your body whilst AT THE SAME TIME shooting your other leg out to the other side, and keeping your body low. Your feet and legs will then be shooting out left and right, looking very much like the movement done by rollerbladers. Remember to stay low… and do the exercise fast! Remember the key is high intensity… you got to do it like you mean it!

running001 Plié Squat — 1 min. The Squat is the king (or queen) of the whole body workout routine, managing to hit most of the major muscle groups as well as the core musculature. The Plié squat is popular with models as it tends to emphasis the butt (gluteus maximus, medius and minimus) very well. Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart, with your toes pointing 45 — 55 degrees out to the sides. Then while keeping your hands placed on your stomach (so you can feel the firmness in your abdominals) squat down so your butt goes down at least to the level of your knees (90 degrees to the floor), whilst opening your knees wide. Again — remember good form… and high intensity. Let your quadriceps and glutes do the hard work as you keep your abs taught and your pelvis thrust forwards.

Sideways hop — 1 min. Back in the same starting position as the first exercise, with your feet together underneath you, crouch down into a boxing kind of position, with your hands up in front of you ready to box. Stay low and shoot one leg out to the side, as far as you can get it but this time let your body follow over sideways and "collect" your other foot next to the first that shot out to the side. Tap the toe of this second foot and then reverse and repeat whilst shooting off to the other side… just like you were hopping over an imaginary line on the floor. So you hop left, right, left right etc., whilst staying low in your boxing position. Keep crouching low and you will feel the lactic acid burn in your muscles.

Remember the key is high intensity!

Standing reverse leg raise — 2 min. This exercise specifically targets the glutes for a tight, toned but… so important when striding down the catwalk in lingerie… or indeed just slipping into something more comfortable at home. Stand straight in a comfortable position, then take one small step forwards. Raise your arms and hold them straight out forwards in front of you. Move your body weight so it is resting on the front leg, whilst the back leg is just used for balance. This is now your base position. From here lift your back leg up in the air backwards, while keeping it straight. Keep your upper body straight as your contract (crunch) your butt. Continue for a full minute, maintaining good form as fast as you can, then swap legs. For more details check out these butt workouts.


Curtsy lunge — 1 min. This is one of the more funny exercises. Start off with your feet slightly more than shoulder width apart. Hold your hands up by your ears and crouch down low. As you might have guessed, this will target those glutes! Now extend one leg BEHIND the other one as far as you can, and tap the floor with your toe, before returning it to its original position. Then repeat with the other leg. You can then "dance" left and right, extending your legs behind you and to the other side of your body for balance. Again, remember to stay crouched low to maximize the targeting on the glutes, and do it fast.

… so important when striding down the catwalk in lingerie… or indeed just slipping into something more comfortable at home…

running001Plié Jump 1-min. This jumping exercise will definitely get the lactic acid pumping in your legs, especially after all the other exercises. You will move from position 1 to position 2. Position 1 is standing straight with your arms out in front of you. Feet together underneath you, heels together whiles toes point out at about 45 degrees. Position 2 has the body in the same position, but the feet shoulder width apart. So you jump from position 1 to 2 and back, bending / crouching down in position 2 to absorb the impact and work your glutes and hamstrings as well as calves.

Bent over Flies with dead lift 1 — min. Start by standing straight up, feet shoulder width apart, with the knees slightly bent. Hinge at the hips so your upper body folds over to just less than 90 degrees. Hold your arms straight down in front of your so that your fingers are just above and pointing to the floor. From here, as you face the floor, pull your arms up and to the sides away from you, so that your arms are now held out straight from your sides. Contract your back muscles to do this exercise. Your arms effectively look like you are flapping wings, trying to fly. Release your arms to drop down in front of you again, and then stand up, whilst focusing in squeezing the butt muscles as you stand up. This is 1 repetition… do as many as you can in 1 minute. This works the back muscles, hamstrings and glutes.

running001Lateral lunges 2 — min. For this exercise start standing up straight with your arms held up in front of you, and your feet together, toes pointing 45 degrees away. Start by shooting one leg sideways to about 1.5 shoulder widths apart or more. Land with your foot in the same position, toes pointing 45 degrees away and lunge down (squat down). When you come up, drag your toes on the floor back to your other foot, then shoot the second foot off into the other direction and repeat.

For all of the exercises where we say "arms held up in front of you" if we do not say anything specifically to the contrary, then think as a ballerina, with your arms slightly bent and finger tips touching.

And voila… a 10 minute workout that the Victoria's Secret models do to keep in tip top shape.

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