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By Patrick Drew, updated January, 2014
Jennifer Lopez — LA, USA.

So you want a butt like J-Lo? Have you had a pat on the bum by a friend who then commented that things were a bit soft back there? Or do you just want to rock those jeans? These days the buttocks are receiving more attention than ever before! It seems that everyone is focusing on the butt – and indeed there seems to be an industry revolving around getting "J-Lo's butt" – usually involving some degree of plastic surgery and augmentation. Models are spending huge amounts of time – and money – toning their butts (and legs), and everyone is talking about the "butt."

Commonly referred to as "The Glutes" the butt muscles actually combine a number of different muscles (all needing specific exercises) including the Gluteus maximus, medius and minimus as well as the obturator internus. These different muscles combined create the butt area (together with adipose deposits) and with training can change in size and thus change the look of the butt.

Here are a few powerful butt workouts that will give you what you are looking for.

It seems that everyone is focusing on the butt…

Firstly – warm up! This is important whenever doing ANY exercise routine – no matter where you are!! With a good warm up you prepare the body (in particular the muscles, joints and ligaments) for a more intense workload. Do the exercises FAST – though with perfect form (do them correctly) and move immediately to the next exercise, and also remember to stretch out afterwards! If you are interested in a good, quick, effective warm-up, check out Hot Model Hotel Room Workout.

Exercises — Once you are warmed up nicely (5 — 10 minutes) Start with one of the best all-round body exercises…


The squat — 15 reps! This does not specifically target the glutes — but is such a good allrounder that it should be included in most workouts. The squat actually works most of the major muscles and also the core musculature of the body. It also works the glutes to some degree — so should be included. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart (maybe slightly wider), toes pointing about 10 — 20 degrees out from your centre, and with your arms held out straight in front of you. Then you want to basically "sit–down" as if you are sitting down into a chair. Keep your back straight, arms out in front of you and take your butt down so far that your thighs are at least 90 degrees to the floor, preferably lower. Hold for one second and stand up again. Once you get good at these you can consider doing them with weights (barbell or holding two dumbells next to you) for added resistance.

Inverse leg raises — (10 reps X 3). These are amazing butt workouts for targeting the glutes (maximus, medius and minimus) which will give you a really good butt workout. Start off on your hands and knees (on a yoga mat or other to protect your knees.) Bend down so you are resting on your elbows and forearms on the floor. Then raise one leg behind you. There are 2 ways of doing these 3 butt workouts so we will cover both. The first way is to start with your leg up behind you — with your knee bent 90 degrees so your foot sole is facing the ceiling. Then you do a "push-up" with your foot — trying to get your foot to the ceiling. Go as far as you can, then return to the starting position with your leg up in the air and repeat. The second way to do this is to return your leg down so that your knees are almost together again (always maintaining about 90 degree bend in the knee) and then raise up again. Remember to squeeze the muscles at the top of the exercise.


I prefer this second manner in which to do the exercise — as I believe it targets a more full range of motion for the muscles. So you do about 10 reps in this manner. The trick with this exercise is to vary the angle of attack. So… while still doing the same exercise, angle your leg OUT about 25 degrees and do the same routine, again for 10 reps. Then finally angle your leg IN as far as you can, effectively working one leg over the back of the other one behind you for another 10 reps.

The trick with this exercise is to vary the angle of attack!

You can decide if you want to do 30 reps per leg and then swap — or swap each leg after 10 reps as you do each angle of attack.

One interesting way to add resistance to this exercise is to hold a small dumbbell in the back of your knee, clenching between your calf and back-thigh muscles. You do not need a lot of weight… 30 reps will show you the difference.

Variation inverse leg raise — 15 reps. Another manner in which to do the same exercise is to start off in the same position on your hands and knees. Then lean your body slightly away from the side (leg) that you are working. Then you bring your knee up to your chest before swinging it down and out behind you — as you stretch your leg! In the first exercise the leg was held at about 90 degrees, whereas in this one it moves from "curled up", when the knee is at your chest, to fully straight as you swing it up behind you in the air as far as you can.

Side leg raise — 15 reps. Again starting in the same position of being on your hands and knees, raise the leg sideways as far as you can get it. Keep the leg bent in the same position (about 90 degrees) at all times, and when you get to the top of the motion hold it there for one second as you squeeze the glute muscle.

Single leg bridge — 15 reps. For this exercise that targets the glutes and the hamstrings, lie down flat on the floor. Bring one heel up towards your butt, so that it is underneath the knee (now pointing up in the air). Raise your other leg, which is straight, so that the heel is about 10 cm over the ground. This is your starting position with your arms on the floor next to your body for support. Now while holding the one leg straight at all times, drive down with your bent leg, shooting your hips up into the air, so that your body is in a straight line from your shoulders (which are on the ground) to your foot which is up in the air. Squeeze the muscles… then lower to your starting position. Repeat.


An alternative to this last one is to do the exercise with both legs at the same time, thus shooting your hips into the air with both feet on the ground simultaneously (consider resting on your hands and feet — being the only parts of your body that touch the ground). This though, is more of a beginners exercise and will not give you as much of a work out as the first version.

When doing all of these butt workouts remember to squeeze the glutes for a second at the top of the range of motion. If you do this properly… after 15 reps you should be feeling a good little burn… as you turn your butt into buns of steel.

In the first exercise the leg was held at about 90 degrees, whereas in this one it moves from "curled up" when the knee is at your chest, to fully straight as you swing it up behind you in the air as far as you can.

Remember to stretch out after doing any exercises. In particular after these exercises, it is important to stretch the back also. Kneel on the floor, then lower your upper body as far forwards as possible with your arms stretched out in front of you. Your hands, arms and forehead should be on the ground as you scoot your butt backwards trying to stretch the lower back. (Read our article on Warm Up and Stretching Before Running for some great techniques).

As a rule of thumb… think up! If you want your butt to be firm, not hanging and be up, tight and firm… then you need to do exercises that go… up!

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