Acroyoga – What is it?

By Patrick Drew, updated January, 2013

Acroyoga in the gardenWhen it comes to our general health and fitness, it’s vital that we do our upmost to ensure we follow a healthy and balanced diet, combined with plenty of exercise and physical activity. Exercise is so, so beneficial for the human body, as it helps us stay fit and healthy in many different ways. However, when it actually comes down to getting some much-needed exercise, there’s a whole selection of different ways to do so. For example, some people like to go running, some people play sports, and some people enjoy training at the gym. Yoga however, is another extremely popular form of physical activity that has been practiced for centuries, and is seemingly growing in popularity by the day. Another form of Yoga that more and more people are taking up these days is one which is known as Acroyoga, which we’ll be looking at here.

three couples doing yoga

What is Acroyoga? – Acroyoga is a form of yoga that blends traditional elements of yoga, performance, and Acrobatics, hence the name Acro-Yoga. The great thing about Acroyoga is that as well as being a great form of yoga, it’s also extremely entertaining to take part in and even just simply watch for that matter. Acroyoga is mainly performed in threes, mainly for safety reasons, and it generally requires users to take up three main roles. These are:

Acroyoga is a form of yoga, which blends traditional elements of yoga, performance, and Acrobatics.

Base - This refers to one of the two individuals who happens to be in contact with the ground the most. Typically, this individual will be laying down flat, with their back firmly planted on the ground. This is to ensure they’re able to protect and monitor their partner (the flyer) who typically is elevated off the ground. The base actually lifts the flyer in the air via their own feet, which are placed on the flyer’s hips, hands, or stomach.

Flyer - As we mentioned, the flyer is the second of the pair, who is carefully elevated and lifted from the ground via the base. Here, as they’re lifted firmly and securely from the ground, they can then take part in and engage in a whole variety of different and unique poses, allowing gravity to do most of the work for them. Flyers generally should have a decent amount of balance and core strength to be most effective in the air.

three couples doing yoga

Spotter - Just like in a gym, a spotter’s role is to ensure that users execute each exercise and pose carefully and safely. They’re there to monitor their form and offer advice to make the exercise safer and more efficient. If either the flyer or the base looks like they are in danger, a spotter should immediately stop them both, and advise them on what seemed to be wrong and what they can do to make it right.

It’s a great way to meet new people, get fit, get flexible, and have fun by doing something truly unique.

Why do people practice Acroyoga? – Some people like to think of Acroyoga as a form of traditional yoga, only with the volume turned way, way up. In other words, it takes elements of traditional yoga and incorporates elements of acrobatics and performance arts, creating something truly fun, invigorating, and beneficial to take part in, and something truly mesmerizing to behold. It’s a great way to meet new people, get fit, get flexible, and have fun by doing something truly unique. Acroyoga is a great way to improve your core strength, your fitness, your stamina, and even your confidence for that matter. It’s not every day that you get the chance to perform a yoga pose whilst being elevated into the air via your partner’s legs, and in order to perform each pose, users require a great deal of confidence and trust. Acroyoga is a truly unique form of yoga that’s extremely beneficial, a great deal of fun, and it has to be seen to be believed.

Acroyoga in the garden

Acroyoga is gaining massively in popularity, as it really is the fun side of a traditional fitness form. While some forms of yoga (such as Ashtanga) are very tough and focus on muscular growth and strength, Acroyoga is yoga that is fun! While of course improving your physical capabilities, strength and flexibility – the focus here often is on fun.

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