Yoga for Beginners — A General Introduction

By Patrick Drew, updated November, 2013

yogaYoga is the spiritual, mental, and physical disciplines or practices that came from ancient India with the sole purpose of achieving a permanent peace condition. It is a word from Sanskrit meaning "union" and is referred to as the "union with the divine". Among the most systematic and comprehensive practices of Yoga are the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, which are signified as the changing conditions of the mind's tranquility. In addition, they are also referred to as the bond that connects people to the machine of existence.

With the progress of people within society, a lot of people have realized yoga's importance. These days, yoga has turned out to be part of the daily lives of people and a lot of individuals are paying more attention to the health benefits that yoga provides. Hence, there are lots of styles of yoga that people practice today. Many people want to lose weight by carrying out yoga practices while other people just want to boost their balance and strength.

Yoga — being particularly popular these days — can be enjoyed in many gyms and specialist centers in most larger cities around the world. Yoga for beginners — it is important before starting off in the world of yoga that you do a little research and try to find out which style suits you and your needs.


Different Yoga Styles with Major Health Benefits

But it is important before starting off in the world of yoga that you do a little research and try to find out which style suits you and your needs.
  • Ashtanga Yoga - primarily focuses on your posture to enhance your body's flexibility, stamina, and strength. The main concept is to generate heat within your body in order to burn off toxins, release tight joints and muscles, and learn on how to concentrate your mind. For those who want to enhance their stamina, strength, and flexibility, and are fit enough to undertake almost 60 minutes of jumping from a single posture to the other, this kind of yoga definitely suits you. On the other hand, Ashtanga yoga isn't the perfect style for beginners since those who aren't fit enough will find it hard and demanding to carry out.
  • Bikram Yoga - this style of yoga is frequently done in a heated room for improved circulation. Normally, Bikram yoga is done in a room with around 40 °C temperature and 40% humidity. The primary focus of this style of yoga is on cardio exercises, endurance, and strength. Most Bikram Yoga classes run for 90 minutes and consist of the same series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.
  • Hatha Yoga - this yoga style comes from the words Ha (meaning sun) and Tha (meaning moon). The original meaning of this style is yoga's physical practice. It is done performing the poses against pranayama (breathing exercises) or sticking to the ethical or philosophical disciplines of several yoga styles. This is a good style of Yoga for beginners.
  • Power Yoga - this is vastly popular amongst athletes and health organizations, and closely resembles Ashtanga style. It mainly focuses on your body's strengthening by performing Hatha postures in order to enhance both mental and flexibility focus. Hence, for those people who intend to lose weight in a healthy and easy manner, Power Yoga is the perfect choice.
  • Vini Yoga - this yoga style primarily focuses on breathing moves through the body, which influences every pose. Vini yoga is more helpful compared to traditional exercises since it helps alleviate chronic pain for patients who are suffering from lower back pains. This is also a very good style of Yoga for beginners.

Overall, with the growing popularity of yoga these days, more and more people are practicing many yoga styles in order to improve their general health. By trying at least one of these aforementioned yoga styles, your health will significantly improve!

By trying at least one of all of the aforementioned yoga styles, your health will significantly improve!

Unfortunately, training yoga these days has become too much of a fashion phase with people training yoga just because some celebrities do or because "just everyone else does." Take the time to really ask yourself what it is you want to achieve with your training — and see if yoga is the right way to achieve it both physically and mentally.

One of the beautiful things about yoga is that you can train in a group of people in a classroom — or all alone in the beautiful nature.


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